Itineration Time!

phil_kimItineration Time! We are now scheduling services from June 2014 – May 2015. Our first four-year term in Papua New Guinea is nearly complete. Our desire is to finish this decade strong and impact this nation with the gospel. To accomplish this we need you to partner with us in financial support and prayer support. We would like to come to your church to build an awareness of PNG and who we are. Thanks for considering us.

Many of you have been supporting us for since the beginning of our missionary journey.  We would love to come by and tell you about the work we have been doing in Papua New Guinea.

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Easter Weekend Ministry in Goroka

ImageWe are thankful for a great time of ministry Easter Weekend in Goroka.  Phil preached Friday night, Saturday night and Easter Sunday morning.  8 people responded to altar calls for salvation with many other coming up for other prayer needs.  Saturday morning we rejoiced in seeing 23 people water baptized. Image Each service was attended by 250-300 people.  Thank you all for the prayers that went up in our behalf.
As I was thinking about the weekend and how  we as Americans  traditionally celebrate Easter, with new Sunday outfits, easter baskets, and our traditional ham dinner…I thought about our weekend.  We weren’t with family and close friends, getting dressed up for Sunday morning service or partaking heavily in ham, scalloped potatoes and all the trimmings… we ended up getting a pizza at  a local restaurant that was out of chicken, ham and most everything else! But I was thinking what is the cost of a soul….if it is doing without the traditional things that we usually have on Easter Sunday, I believe it was well worth it…after all Jesus paid the biggest payment of all…his life… He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

Trip to the Chimbu Bible School

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It was a smaller Bible school then usual. A Bible school run on the provincial level. I was told by the regional superintendent that this was not the level of students that they wanted me to focus my work on, but yet I was compelled in my spirit that to this place I must come – even if it could only be for one week.  As usual for PNG – it was a testimony of a vision without resource. The classroom is void of desks and chairs, but mattresses and bedding abounds – for you see – at night the classroom turns into the dormitory! The principal, whose wife was brutally murdered by another women just a few years ago, is not adequately provided for by the provincial A/G churches and as a result cannot even afford to pay the final $100 of his daughters school fees. Additionally, he and his daughter sleep in the same room as the students because there is no house for the principal. Yet I found him to be cheerful and optimistic in spite of the limitations of his situation.

Nine students had gathered this year at this one-year certificate training center. Two admitted they could not even read. But they were there – why? Because they had a call to pastor and wanted to better equip themselves. So into their hands I placed Light for the Lost financed Pidgin English Bibles and into their heads (and hearts) I presented truths and principles from 1 Corinthians for five hours a day. The class was enthusiastic in its reception to my ministry. Three former students from last year joined in along with three local pastors inflating our class to 15. Monday night through Thursday night I preached a time of spiritual emphasis.
The most encouraging comment of the week came from Pastor Bruno, the lead pastor at the local church where the Bible school is located. In so many words he said that my ministry does not make you jump up and down and shout but that what it does do is clear the thinking. For you see, there is much confusion in our Assembly of God churches. Teachings influenced by media preachers from the West bring great turmoil into the PNG minds. They feel like they are missing something in their message. Great reassurance is gained when I bring them back to their Pentecostal roots and encourage them to preach the gospel and to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. They feel very competent in that area.
The trip furnished me the opportunity to see a new part of PNG. As usual, I was awed at the beauty of the mountains and valleys. As I traveled home I was treated to a colorful display of PNG pageantry as people prepared to welcome the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to the Chimbu province. I drove past group after group of individuals walking to the official venue site. I’ve attached some pictures for your enjoyment. Blessings!

Prayer Requests from Papua New Guinea

Phil will be traveling to Chimbu Province this week to teach at a District Bible
School – pray for safety in travel and anointing while teaching.

The work on a nearby Aid Post is moving ahead!  The rain has stopped and we are able to get  supplies up to the village. Pray for safety as people work and that there will be good relationships in the villages that are involved. It is not uncommon for jealousy to be a serious issue whenever a project of this nature is undertaken.  The Aid Post is to serve all members of the community and be a tangible evidence of God’s care for the people.

One of our suppliers for timber was not able to deliver the second half of the timber.  He has said he will refund us the money we already paid him.
Pray that he honors his word and returns the funds so we have all that is necessary to maintain the ministries in which we are now engaged.

In January the Assemblies of God officially opened the Children’s Ministry Department. There has been little or no emphasis on children’s ministry for about 10 years now. We have been asked to help with the Teacher Training seminars to help train the workers who will be starting Children’s programs in there districts and churches. The first one is March 22-24. Pray for us as we prepare. Pray particularly for our language skills, as we are still learning Melanesian Pidgin.  Pray also for the people who will be traveling to get to these
seminars.  For many there will be signficant challenges finding transport and funds to pay for traveling expenses.

Pray for Kaela as she is finishing up her Senior year of High School. There are many activities and challenges  as she begins transitioning into life back in the US and into college life.

Pray for Phil and Kim as they are going to be very busy in the next 4 months with different ministry opportunities, closing up house and preparing for a 6 month furlough as well of the year school activities and graduation with Kaela.

We will be scheduling services for July – December 2012 in the next month’s time.

Because of the falling value of the dollar we are re-evaluating out budget and needing to raise more monthly support. The drop in the dollar has cut our funding by about 1/3.
Pray for us to have divine guidance and wisdom as we fill our calendar for services in the last half of this year.

As always we covet you prayers and thank God for your partnership.

A Post for Phil and Kim

This is the first post for News from the Uttermost and it is being written by another Papua New Guinea missionary, Kathy Vanaria. Why am I writing a post for Phil and Kim?  Well, for one thing, they are living in Papua New Guinea and the Internet is not as accessible there.  The other reason is to test the blog. Yet another reason is that having served there for more than two decades, I know the challenges they face as they continue to share the gospel of Jesus in that beautiful and as yet, developing nation.

I encourage everyone to pray for the Rojaks and to take some time to check their website

They are called of God to a country that has many stresses: logistically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. They are a humble couple and they don’t blow their own horn. But since I got to post first: I’m going to sing their praises and say outloud, ‘We love you Phil and Kim. God bless you in your service”.